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Selling the Garaga garage door in this area has created many satisfied customers. With 30 years of experience, we believe that we can recognize high quality. We have carried this line of garage doors because of its exceptional quality. The Garaga doors are available in over 139 models, and the exceptional variety offered by Garaga is presented by the Eastman model that has hundreds of design configurations. The Garaga door is available in 12 styles and multiple colors, and it also comes in steel or aluminum. This door has designs to fit 8 styles of homes. Windows are available in many models. A Garaga door can change the entire style of your home. We also sell Garaga industrial, commercial, and agricultural doors.

The Garaga overhead doors have an inter-locking panel construction that keeps the elements out of the garage while also strengthening the door. The Garaga doors come with insulation for our harsh winter, and the Garaga door has a high energy efficiency rating. The 1 ¾"-thick galvanized steel door (plus overlays) has Polyurethane-injected insulation which provides an R-16 thermal resistance. The 1 3°8"-thick galvanized steel door has Polyurethane-injected insulation which provides R-12 thermal resistance. The door is exceptionally quiet because of the nylon rollers used in place of steel rollers. This beautiful door has a lifetime warranty, which is another reason that we carry the Garaga line.

The safiest and quiestet garage door opener in Chatham

LiftMaster by Chamberlain has proven to be the safest and quietest garage door opener among all of the openers on the market. We sell and install a variety of LiftMaster door openers, and each door installation requires a different opener. We also service openers, but the LiftMaster opener seldom requires service. The motor has a lifetime guarantee. We carry three ½ hp and four ¾ hp openers. The LiftMaster openers have either one or two lights depending on the model, and they have either the belt or chain drive mechanisms. Our knowledgeable staff will recommend the opener that will work best with your door. We also sell and install the LiftMaster Jackshaft openers if your garage does not have enough ceiling room for the traditional opener.

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Mar‑Lin Dock & Door have the most experienced and professional installers, and we can guarantee a flawless installation. They will make sure the tracks are aligned properly and the torsion spring is balanced. The garage door is the heaviest moving part of your home so the installation is important. We provide 24/7 service, so if your garage door is causing you a problem we are only a phone call away. With our trucks on the road all of the time, we can get to your home to make repairs to your garage door, and we can service any garage door opener or any garage door.

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