Visit our showroom to see a wide array of garage doors

Do you have big renovation plans for your garage? What you need to do next is figure out how much it’s going to cost and what you’re going to need.

Fortunately, we are here to make sure you can accomplish both in the most convenient way possible.

Showing You the Possibilities

If you want to take the vision you have in your mind and make a model of it, you can do so at our Design Centre, which makes it very easy to create a computer model of the door that you want. This is a very helpful tool for the professionals at Mar‑Lin Dock & Door to help you get your choices narrowed down.

Another very helpful tool that our consultants can use is a set of paint swatches from your home. This helps to match the garage door colour to the colour of your front door, exterior walls and window trim, ensuring that the door doesn’t end up clashing. Your garage door can also be selected a bit more easily when you bring in pictures, plans and other information, all of which are designers know how to use to guide you to the best choices.

The Showroom

In our showroom in Leamington, you’ll find products such as the LiftMasterTM garage door openers that have become very popular with many homeowners. You’ll also find a tremendous selection of different types of garage doors and it’s useful to come in to take a look in person. Doing so allows you to:

  • Get an idea of the weight of a door
  • Get a good assessment of the door’s insulating properties
  • Examine the windows and how they transmit light
  • Look at different options than you may have considered
  • Get specific questions about products answered by an expert

As we help you through the process of selecting a suitable garage door, we will likely need to ask you some questions, as well. For instance, we want to make sure you make a selection that goes along with the rest of your home. We’ll need to know the architectural style of your house so that we can help you make that decision. We will also need to know whether or not you’re working within any restrictions that exist in your neighbourhood or if you have any specific plans – such as adding a room above the door – that would influence the choices you have available.

We can also help you accomplish goals such as getting the right door for a garage that you want to have heating in during the winter or one that you want to convert from a car storage space to more of a living space. We can help you find the garage door for any of these projects and make sure you’re happy with your choice.

More Assistance

If you are in the Leamington, Windsor, Chatham, Ridgetown, Kingsville, Essex, Tecumseh, LaSalle and Amherstburg area.

We can give you a no obligation estimate of the cost of your entire project. Of course, we will also provide you with brochures and other information about any products you are interested in.

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