Wall-mounted door openers: What are they, and who are they for?

LiftMaster Door Opener

Wall-mounted door openers are generally used in garages with high ceilings and a lot of space above the garage door. They are common, for example, in garages with cathedral ceilings, ceiling heights over 10ft., and also in garages were homeowners want to maximize storage space.

So if you’re building a new garage and the plans show a lot of extra space over the garage door, you might consider installing a wall-mounted (or Jackshaft) door opener.

Wall-mounted door openers are installed beside the door

While the majority of door openers are centrally mounted, known as a trolley type door opener, they can take up a lot of space and are not a good fit for all garages. Jackshaft door openers are installed beside the door and are 16 ¼” high by 6” wide by 6 ¾” deep (41cm x 15cm x 17cm).

Wall-mounted door openers are no less safe, they come with photoelectric reversal systems and remotes with rolling codes. You can also operate the door opener from a 3-button wall panel, and add a back-up battery to the system, ensuring you can access your garage at all times. Like many door openers, the wall-mounted type is compatible with MyQ technology, so you can operate the door opener from anywhere in the world using a mobile device.

Wall-mounted door openers are recommended for certain situations

For example, if you have high ceilings (floor‑to‑ceiling distance over 10ft.) and a 7ft. high garage door, you can use a wall-mounted system. There is nothing stopping you from installing a trolley system, but given the way it will have to be installed (hanging at least 2 ft. from the ceiling, long L-brackets and slotted steel angles to support it), over time the vibrations from lowering and raising the door will loosen the supports and make it less safe.

Wall-mounted door openers are also recommended for sloped and cathedral ceilings as they are more practical.

There are some constraints

You need enough space, at least 8 inches on one side of the door. Also, if you have springs installed over the door header (torsion hardware), you will need to use a solid shaft to house the springs, rather than a standard hollow tube.

Don’t forget how important a well-balanced door is

The chances are, you’ve never really thought about how heavy your garage door is, after all, the door opener does all the hard work for you. Well, you should be able to open a well-balanced garage door with one hand, and although your garage door opener can lift heavier weight, it will also bring it back down with the same force, which could be a safety issue.

Now, about the price…

Wall-mounted door openers are slightly more expensive than trolley type openers. For example, the 8355W, a trolley type opener, costs in the region of $400, whereas you’ll have to fork out an additional $150 to $175 for the 8500, a wall‑mounted opener.

If you’d like to find out more about the different types of door openers…

Get in touch with us at 519-326-5888. If you would rather see our range of door openers and doors, and discuss your options in person, why not come down to our showroom? You can even ask us for an online quotation.

If you are thinking about replacing your garage door, have a play around with our Design Centre or look through our image gallery.

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