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    At Mar-Lin Dock & Door in Leamington, ON, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and the best products on the market. When it comes to knowing all there is to know about the sales, installation and repairs of garage doors and electric door openers, you can count on our years of experience in the industry, and on our extremely skilled team. This is the reason why we carry GARAGA garage doors and also take the training of our technicians very seriously. You can trust us for all that has to do with garage doors. With us, any problems will be resolved in no time, leaving you with a door that works well and is safe.

    NO PROBLEM is too difficult for us!
    Do you experience problems with your garage door opener?

    • It doesn’t work

    • It opens and closes by itself

    • It makes annoying noises

    Do you experience problems with your garage door?

    • It doesn't open, or open with difficulty

    • It doesn't close correctly, or completely

    • It doesn't reverse direction

    We are just a call away! Our expert technicians will promptly answer your questions, or schedule an appointment for repairing or servicing your garage door. Here are some of the services we provide:

    • Replacement and adjustment of
      • damaged sections
      • door cables
      • broken springs
      • broken or bent rollers

    • Replacement and adjustment of
      • noisy garage doors
      • bent or misaligned tracks

    • Replacement of hardware

    • Safety inspection

    • Maintenance
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    Mar-Lin Dock & Door - Services and Repair

    No problem is too difficult for us! Entrust your garage door needs to us and we will solve them to your complete satisfaction.

    WHY CHOOSE Mar-Lin Dock & Door? Here are a few good reasons:

    • We are part of the Garaga Expert Network.

      Garaga Experts

    • Our technicians are certified; therefore, our services meet the highest standards of professionalism.

    • Our staff will provide professional advice because we know our products perfectly.

    • We provide services for residential, commercial and industrial customers

    • You can contact us online to schedule an appointment.

    • We cover the areas of: Leamington, Windsor, Chatham, Ridgetown, Kingsville, Essex, Tecumseh, LaSalle and Amherstburg.

    • We can repair any type of garage door or garage door opener, and provide replacement of parts and
      accessories for:

      Garage Door Brands

      CHI Overhead Door
      Clopay Door
      Haas Door
      Overhead Door
      Wayne Dalton
        Garage Door Opener Brands


    • We love our work and we pride ourselves on the services we offer.

    • Therefore, you can completely trust us! Call us today!

    What you should know about lifting cables and spring systems of your residential door

    Springs play an important role in the opening and the closing movement of a garage door. Acting as a counterweight system, they eventually lose strength. Thus they must be maintained on a regular basis or repaired. They can also break because of the normal wear caused by the pressure and the weight of a garage door. For example, in order to extend spring life (for torsion type only), you should lubricate with motor oil and wipe off all excess. Adjusting extension type springs by yourself is very dangerous because they are under strong tension. This is why safety cables are necessary to hold them. If you are not equipped with them, we highly advise you to have one of our skilled specialist install one. Note that if your garage door has extension or torsion springs, these two systems must be regularly inspected and maintained in order to get continuous reliability.

    Consider the preventive maintenance program provided by our professionals at Mar-Lin Dock & Door to get peace of mind. During the check-up, all components are examined, safety devices are tested, only the necessary parts are replaced, and your garage door system will work perfectly again!

    If you have any questions, we are available to answer them! Do not hesitate to contact us at (519) 326-5888 for all garage door installation, repair and of maintenance needs.

    Mar-Lin Dock & Door - Services and Repair


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