4 important factors to think about when shopping for a new garage door

Your garage door is past its best and it’s time to invest in a new model. But what exactly should you be looking for in a garage door?
These days, there are so many different styles and materials to choose from that it can be a little bit overwhelming.
To make your decision a little easier, we’ve come up with, what we think are, the four most important factors you should consider when shopping for a new garage door.
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Why Should You Get a New Garage Door System?

If you have an older garage door system in your home, you have probably started to notice some issues with it. It might be too noisy, unreliable, unsafe, or it might not have any insulation. It could be a combination of these things. Now is a good time to replace your garage door. Let’s look at some of the top reasons to replace it sooner rather than later. Read More

Your Garage Door Purchasing Checklist

Don’t take your garage door for granted. If you haven’t thought about it in a while, consider that it is a substantial piece of moving equipment. Then consider that people who drive up to your home often notice the garage door first before anything else on the outside of the house.
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I reversed into my garage door, can it be fixed?

Everyone has been there; up late the night before, you hit snooze on the alarm one too many times and now you’re running late and have no time for a caffeine fix. You get the children in the car ready to take them to daycare, you put the car in reverse, your foot on the accelerator and then you hear the sound you wanted to hear the least: BANG! Now the kids are crying, you’re on the verge of tears and to make matters worse there’s no way you’ll get to work on time.
Accidents happen; sometimes people slide into the garage door in bad weather, other times people forget to take down their ski/bike rack and that causes damage to the door. However it happened, it can be fixed, so take a deep breath and compose yourself.
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Who says that garage doors should be dull and boring?

You use yours every day… You park your car in front of it without even noticing – it’s like you look at it but you don’t really see it! Sometimes, you even think about painting a mural on it just to give it more character. But you don’t have to go that far. There is a huge variety of models, colors and windows to enhance the look of your home.

Remember that your garage door can represent between 30 and 40% of your home’s façade. So putting a little more thought into its appearance can make a big difference. Here are some examples of home photos that might just inspire you.
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How to make your garage a safe place to keep your dog during the day

Can your dog or cat be kept in the garage while you are away from home? Yes, certainly, it is possible, provided that you follow these guidelines to make your garage safe and comfortable for your pet. Using the garage can be an excellent solution if your pet has separation anxiety and, when alone, tends to spend its time destroying furniture or other items in the home.
This blog won’t cover the construction of a cage inside the garage. Instead, we will discuss how to use the entire garage as if it were a huge comfortable cage for that furry member of your family!
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Start with a well-insulated garage door and the possibilities are endless – here are just 10!

A well-insulated and weathertight garage door does two things for you. It keeps the cold out of your garage in addition to being a noise barrier. If you simply park your car outside for a few days and turn up the heat inside, your garage can be used for lots of other activities. In most homes today, garages are becoming multi-functional, so why not join the trend! Here are 10 alternative uses for your garage that just might justify getting a garage door that is insulated and weathertight.
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How to lubricate your garage door to prolong its lifespan

Lubricating the major parts of your garage door will prolong their service life

Recently, you’ve noticed that your garage door is making quite a bit of noise – enough that you can hear it from your kitchen. You can reduce this noise by simply lubricating its major components. What’s more, this will avoid a situation where your door fails and you are forced to call a garage door technician for an emergency repair.
Taking care of your garage door so that it operates well at all times will prevent any of these problems from happening.
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How to Coordinate the Colours on the Exterior of Your Home

Something that all homeowners want, whether they are building their first home or refurbishing their existing home, is a house that looks as beautiful as they’ve always imagined. There is nothing better than a home that looks and feels welcoming and cozy, and one of the best ways to achieve that goal is to choose the perfect exterior house colours.
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